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Reduced sugar coatings and fillings

Reduced sugar coatings and fillings

Guilt-free great taste for today’s health-conscious consumers

Key benefits

  • Stay ahead of the curve and step into a booming market that looks set to become mainstream
  • More permissible – with no compromise on taste
  • Seduce health-conscious consumers seeking reduced sugar options

Reformulated for healthier living 

With the needs of health-conscious consumers in mind, Cargill has developed reduced sugar coatings and fillings. By using more complex carbs or polyols, our team can reformulate your bestselling recipes to reduce sugar content by up to 30%, contributing to the reduced sugar claim of your new cereal or coated bakery treats.

Connect with consumers’ concerns

Following the introduction of sugar taxes in many countries, this is the ideal time to move into the sugar reduction market and comply with new or upcoming legislation. At the same time, as obesity becomes a global concern and consumers increasingly choose healthier products, Cargill’s reduced sugar coatings and fillings can help you succeed in this booming market.

Permissible indulgence

Today’s consumers are often torn between the desire to indulge and the wish to make healthier food choices. Cargill’s reduced sugar coatings and fillings are ideal for health-conscious consumers, giving them more opportunities to enjoy the treats they love without feeling guilty!

Product Specifications

Technical information

Fat content: 29.9%

Applications: Cereal bars, biscuits and bakery

List of ingredients: Maltodextrin, vegetable fat (palm, shea), sugar, whey solids (milk), skimmed yoghurt powder (milk), citric acid, natural flavouring, emulsifier: soya lecithin

Additional information: Available as: RSPO segregated,No hydrogenated fats,Kosher

Possible claims: Reduced sugar

Delivery form: Liquid bulk, drops, buckets, blocks, containers

Shelf life: Solid 12 months, liquid 1 week

Storage conditions: Solid: 15-20°C max 60% R.H. / Liquid: 45-50°C, with frequent agitation