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Salted caramel-flavoured coating and filling

Salted caramel-flavoured coating and filling

A sweet, comforting taste that appeals to all ages

Key benefits

  • Bring consumers back to childhood memories with indulgent, traditional taste
  • Stand out from the crowd with seasonal offerings
  • Equally brilliant for chocolate-loving children and adults

Traditional salted caramel flavour – a family treat

Nothing brings back memories of childhood like the taste of salted caramel. Cargill has drawn on this timeless appeal to develop a product that is both the ultimate treat for children and a nostalgic indulgence for adults: a luxurious coating or filling that adds a silky texture to that vintage toffee flavour.

Ideal for seasonal variations

A perfect treat for those Christmas, Valentine’s Day and Easter delights, Cargill’s salted caramel-flavoured coating and   filling are versatile enough to add a twist of flavour to any type of confectionery at any time of the year. Since they’re available as either a chocolate, a coating or a filling, the possibilities are endless.

Nostalgia – the trend that never ends

Retro flavours never go out of style and our indulgent coating and filling are the modern way to enjoy a nostalgic treat. Kids and adults alike will forever savour the timeless taste of sweet molten salted caramel.

Product Specifications

Technical information

Fat content: 31.5%

Applications: Confectionery, bakery and biscuits, cereals and cereal bars, ice dips

Legal appellation: Salted caramel-flavoured coating or filling

List of ingredients: Sugar, vegetable fat (palm, shea), skimmed milk powder, caramel powder (sugar, skimmed milk powder), whey solids (milk), fat reduced cocoa powder, salt, emulsifier: soya lecithin, natural flavouring, coloring agent (E160c)

Additional information: Available as: RSPO segregated, No hydrogenated fats. Kosher

Possible claims: Salted caramel

Delivery form: Liquid bulk, drops, buckets, blocks, containers

Shelf life: Solid 12 months, liquid 2 weeks

Storage conditions: Solid: 15-20°C max 60% R.H. / Liquid: 45-50°C, with frequent agitation