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Straberry flavoured coating and filling

Strawberry-flavoured coating and filling

Capture the essence of summer

Key benefits

  • Create an indulgent treat with the added ‘health appeal’ of fruit
  • Stand out in warm weather months with seasonal or limited editions
  • Boost sales outside seasonality in summer

An authentic sunshine taste

Every year the first luscious batch of strawberries signals the arrival of summer. And who doesn’t love that fresh, heady scent of ripe fruit. Cargill’s strawberry-flavoured coating and filling authentically captures this aroma, along with the bright, berry taste that can light up even the greyest days.

Enhancing your range

When temperatures rise, traditional chocolate products have less appeal as consumers seek something more refreshing. Cargill’s strawberry-flavoured coating and filling enable you to develop seasonal or limited-edition treats with warm weather appeal. So you can extend your repertoire and mark the changing of the seasons with a tasty new product.

A burst of fruity freshness

Consumers have always associated the taste of fruit with feelings of energy and vitality. So why not add a fresh twist to your best-selling products? Our strawberry-flavoured coating and filling are perfect for adding summery freshness to breakfast cereals or bakery snacks.

Product Specifications

Technical information

Fat content: 37.6%

Applications: Confectionery, bakery and biscuits, cereals and cereal bars, ice dips

Legal appellation: Strawberry-flavoured pink coating or filling

List of ingredients: Sugar, vegetable fat (palm, coconut), lactose (milk), skimmed milk powder, coloring agent (E162), emulsifier: sunflower lecithin, natural flavouring

Additional information: Available as: RSPO segregated, No hydrogenated fats. Kosher

Delivery form: Drops, buckets, blocks, containers

Shelf life: Solid 12 months, liquid 2 weeks

Storage conditions: Solid: 15-20°C max 60% R.H. / Liquid: 45-50°C, with frequent agitation