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Food Formulation Masters Series

Customers turn to Cargill for our expertise, whether the challenge is enhancing an existing product or uncovering a new solution. We invite you to meet some of our top technical experts… and discover insights you can apply to your next project. 

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Multiple routes to discovery.

Our growing multimedia library offers expert perspective on how to capitalize on trends, overcome formulation challenges and utilize innovative new ingredients. Plus, get to know some of the people who make it happen. Each media offers unique topics, so be sure to explore them all!

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Watch our videos from the Food Masters at Cargill Listen to our podcasts from the Food Masters at Cargill Answers to your questions from the Food Masters at Cargill



Video Join our experts in the kitchen and at home for casual conversations around common application questions, helpful ingredient tips, their approach to label-friendly formulation and more.  

Corn muffin - Bakery Ingredients - Cargill  

BAKERY: What is Label-friendly Bakery?


Top 3 Bakery Questions - Cargill  

BAKERY: Top 3 Bakery Questions Most Often Asked


Stevia - Specialty Sweeteners - Cargill  

BEVERAGES: Formulating with Stevia


Soda - Beverage Ingredients - Cargill  

BEVERAGES: Label-friendly Beverages are Meeting Consumer Demand for Taste Expectations.


Top 3 Beverage Questions - Ingredients - Cargill  

BEVERAGES: Top 3 Stevia and Sugar Reduction Questions


Gummies - Confectionery - Ingredients - Cargill  

CONFECTIONERY: Tips to Great Gummies


Ready Meal Ingredients - Cargill  

CONVENIENCE: Why Consumers are Demanding Transparency in Convenience Foods


Yogurt - Dairy - Cargill  

DAIRY: Why Label-Friendly Dairy is More Important Than Just Ingredients to Consumers 


Top Dairy Questions - Dairy Ingredients - Cargill  

DAIRY: Top 3 Questions Most Often Asked


Pectin - Dairy - Cargill  

PECTIN: Tips for Working With Pectin


Plant Protein - Cargill  

PLANT PROTEIN: Why Plant Proteins Are Driving Label-Friendly Innovation



Podcast Perfect for listening on the go, our podcast series features some of the industry's top ingredient experts chatting about how to resolve tough application challenges.   

Convenience Pizza Ingredients

CONVENIENCE: Making Convenient as Appealing as Fresh


Dairy Alternatives Ingredients | Cargill

DAIRY: Secrets to Successful Dairy Alternative Formulations


Dairy Sugar Reduction | Cargill

DAIRY: Navigating Sugar Reduction in Dairy



Q&A Get to know the people behind our development bench – from what inspired them at an early age, to what drives them now.

Christine Addington - Cargill

Christine Addington, Senior Technical Services Specialist, Dairy


Vince Cavallini - Cargill

Vince Cavallini, Beverages, Snacks and Cereals Application Manager


Tim Christensen - Cargill

Tim Christensen, Senior Research Scientist and Certified Master Baker


Brent Rogers - Cargill

Brent Rogers, Research and Development Director


Wade Schmelzer - Cargill

Wade Schmelzer, Principle Scientist


John Sweeney - Cargill

John Sweeney, R&D Director, Shared Capabilities