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New Gerkens® Duchess
cocoa powder

The chocolate experience consumers prefer 

Discover why consumers prefer baked goods made with Gerkens® new cocoa powder in a blind taste test.*

Our new cocoa powder, Gerkens® Duchess is specifically designed for baked goods. Nicknamed ‘Boss of the Bakery’, it delivers a complete sensorial experience to consumers of baked goods. It offers a true chocolaty smell and taste in application, as well as an appetizing red-brown color. This makes end-products containing Gerkens® Duchess stand out from the competition.

For food manufacturers in the bakery category, Gerkens® Duchess provides:

• An outstanding genuine chocolaty smell and taste confirmed by consumers.
• An appealing red-brown color that reflects the sensory profile of the powder.

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Gerkens Duchess cocoa powder








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The results were outstanding!

In blind tests, baked goods made with Gerkens® Duchess were significantly preferred by consumers, especially on taste and smell, in direct comparison with goods baked with some of the best-selling cocoa powders in the bakery industry.



*Based on an independent consumer research study conducted in the Netherlands in 2018.