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Cargill's Response to the COVID-19 Global Pandemic

July 28, 2020


At Cargill, our values-- do the right thing, put people first and reach higher --continue to guide us as we navigate COVID-19. As we work around the clock every day to support our workforce, suppliers, customers and the communities in which we live and work, Cargill draws on our decades of experience navigating major global issues to mitigate the ongoing impacts of the pandemic.


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Keeping Employees Safe and Sound

GOOD_ woman with thumbs up Our employees are essential in delivering the food we all need to stay healthy and nourished. Cargill’s top priority is to safeguard their health and well-being

In partnership with global and local health experts, we are continually evolving safety protocols and together are setting the industry standard for health and safety.

Still, we have not been immune from the pandemic. When it hurts one of us, it impacts all of us. But, our teams have persevered and because of their efforts and our safety parameters, screening and cleaning measures, health care benefits and employee resources, we’ve faced minimal disruptions in our production. These collective efforts have ensured that Cargill is a reliable supplier for our customers, even in these incredibly difficult circumstances.

In addition, Cargill launched the Cargill Cares Employee Disaster Relief Fund to help meet our employees' immediate needs during the COVID-19 crisis. With $15 million (USD) in initial investment, this fund will help our team members navigate this catastrophic disaster while they support and care for their loved ones. 


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Maintaining A Dependable Food System Through Innovation

Man signing document on clip board image shows boxes with excel beef While there have been disruptions as a result of COVID, we are confident in the resiliency of the food system. We are supporting support farmers, ranchers, transporters, food service companies, retailers and others along the food chain moving and ensure people and animals are fed.

Consumer demand has shifted during the pandemic. Through innovation, we have quickly adjusted our manufacturing operations and supply chains to help customers adjust, delivering food to the places it is needed most.

  • In Asia, we diverted poultry from restaurants to consumers, selling the equivalent of 10,000 “budget meal packs” to local consumers.
  • In Europe, we helped customers meet a surge in demand for chocolate powder leading into Easter, despite a global supply shortage.
  • In the United States, we partnered with a restaurant chain to divert 90 million shell eggs to retail stores, while in Canada we were able to quickly re-package 4,000 cases of chicken breast originally intended for fast food sandwiches to fill grocery store shelves.
  • In Peru, a food manufacturer faced soybean oil supply shortages. Our teams found a supply that could be redirected to the customer, enabling them to continue operations.

Due to our global footprint, connected systems and innovation, Cargill has moved with agility and flexibility to aid communities in need and meet food demand around the world.


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Meeting Community Needs

Group of people delivering food Cargill is working with nonprofit and NGO partners to feed vulnerable families facing food insecurity, protect medical workers with personal protective equipment and sanitation supplies and support farmers, ranchers, agricultural communities and food industry workers who rely on the food system for their livelihoods.

Our $35 million COVID-19 relief and recovery efforts have reached communities around the world, including:

  • Almost 1 million people in Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica and Colombia, through donations of 239 tons of food.
  • Hospitals in eight cities in Indonesia with personal protective equipment
  • 30,000 cocoa farmers in Ghana with safety training, handwashing soaps and hand towels
  • Restaurant workers facing economic hardships through our support of the National Restaurant Association Foundation Employee Relief Fund.

The pandemic has tested all of us, personally and professionally. And it has proven how strong our food system and our communities are when we work together. As communities and our customers face the negative impacts of COVID-19, Cargill will continue to be here to help.


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Mission Statement

Protect lives and enhance commerce by providing sustainable road safety solutions. 

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