Supporting Smallholdings in Brazil

Improving livelihoods while supporting the environment

January 01, 2016

We are part of the Projeto Cacau Mais Sustentável (More Sustainable Cocoa Project) in Brazil. The project aims to foster cocoa farming as a way to help smallholders in the Xingu region and encourage them to comply with Brazilian environmental law. It also involves the restoration of degraded areas.

Since its launch in 2012, the project has added value in a number of ways, including the installation of an irrigation system at the Hybrid Seed Production Center in Tacumã which has doubled its production capacity to 1 million cocoa seeds every year.

By 2015, 160 smallholders had joined the project, 99 of them that year. They are now farming 9,600 hectares of carefully prepared plantation land, compared with just 238 hectares in 2014.

Our partners in the project are The Nature Conservancy, the Brazilian Ministry of Agriculture and CAPPRU (the Alternative Cooperative of Smallholders and Urban Farmers of São Félix do Xingu).

Reach and adoption

  • 160 smallholders taking part in the project
  • 9,600 hectares of carefully prepared plantation land being effectively farmed

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