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A little about EpiCor: EpiCor is an innovative, science-backed ingredient clinically shown to support immune health in both human and pets. Derived from the fermentation of Saccharomyces cerevisiae, EpiCor is complete with a beneficial mix of metabolites. This complex ingredient has a discovery story of epic origin and a track record of success as the focus of 15 published studies. 

Formulation flexibility: As an inanimate and highly stable ingredient, EpiCor offers versatility from formulation through consumption. Tested in high heat, varying pH levels, extreme pressure, and elevated water, EpiCor provides consistency across a variety of dosage forms. Pair formulation flexibility with a low efficacious dose of just 500mg daily (humans) and 7mg/kg of body weight (pets) and you just might have a winning combination. 

We’d love to hear from you! From supplements to chews, humans to furry friends, EpiCor is here to support more healthy days. Put over 75 years of fermentation expertise to work for you and contact us to learn more about EpiCor – an ingredient that provides safe, healthy, and effective solutions.  

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