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Cargill's Waxy Corn Sustainable Sourcing

Ensuring a long-term sustainable crop supply for food starch

To ensure a long-term sustainable crop supply for food starch, Cargill has committed to source waxy corn 100% sustainably from European farmers. In support of this initiative Cargill has developed the Waxy Corn Sustainable Sourcing, driving positive change throughout the European starch supply chain, in line with Cargill's commitment to nourishing the world, protecting the planet and enriching our communities.


Supporting farmers

Cargill's Waxy Corn Promise This farm-based program was developed with an independent agronomy consultancy. It leverages strong partnerships between Cargill, farmers and co-op suppliers to address key sustainability challenges, including protection of biodiversity, soil and water quality preservation, and the optimization of water use. Our initiative is tailored specifically to waxy corn growing regions and practices to ensure that we make a real sustainability impact. It recognizes the good work that farmers already do and provides incremental improvements to help them in their efforts to:

  • reduce their impact on the environment in corn growing areas,
  • protect and efficiently use their valuable natural resources,
  • become more sustainable year-on-year

Customers in mind

FSA Logo Benchmarked at Silver level against the Farm Sustainability Assessment, Waxy Corn sustainable sourcing delivers on consumers’ expectations for more sustainable food ingredients.

At Cargill, we are committed to making an impact and raising sustainability standards across our supply chains. With the Waxy Corn Sustainable Sourcing, we provide credible claims to help our customers achieve their sustainability targets. This commitment also provides assurance and certainty to consumers, who are increasingly seeking products containing sustainably sourced ingredients.

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