Nourishing our world

The world’s population is set to grow to at least 9 billion by 2050. That means we will have to grow and move more food, and do it in a sustainable manner. Because of our position in the global food system, Cargill has a unique ability to improve food security and nutrition. Every day, we work with our suppliers, customers and other partners to develop new ways to produce and deliver nutritious food and ensure it is safe, affordable and accessible.

Connecting sustainable coconut oil to the world’s markets

In the chain that brings coconut oil from Indonesia into consumer products supported by industries and jobs around the world – Jelly Rembang is among the first links.

[Asia Pacific]/[Indonesia, Philippines]

Identifying child labor

We have established an industry-leading monitoring system to identify and protect children in Cargill’s cocoa supply chain.

[EMEA]/[Cote d’Ivoire, Ghana]

For Thai poultry farmers, partnerships and market access fuel development

In 2006, Anurak Farm partnered with Cargill with the capacity to raise a respectable 20,000 broiler chickens per cycle. Twelve years later, it’s more than 1.2 million – fueled by a rising appetite for protein and steady local investment.

[Asia Pacific]/[Thailand]

Building a traceable, sustainable future for cocoa

For cocoa farmers in Ghana, and suppliers like Cargill, the road to traceability starts with development, partnerships and technology as simple as a bar code.

[EMEA, Middle East & Africa]/[Cote d’Ivoire, Ghana]

Reaching across borders to improve food safety

How public-private partnerships create connections that boost the safety of the global food supply.

[Asia Pacific, South America]/[Argentina, Brazil, China]
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