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Asia Pacific Sustainability and Corporate Responsibility Reports

Making a lasting impact

Cargill continues to deliver on our corporate responsibility and sustainability initiatives in the Asia Pacific region. This includes our charitable giving in this region for 2017-18* which was over USD 13 million and advanced programs that made a difference across three core pillars: nourishing the world, protecting our planet and enriching our communities.

These reports highlights our efforts to contribute to the social and economic development in three of the world’s most populous countries and important growth markets for Cargill globally: China, India and Indonesia.

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China Sustainability and Corporate Responsibility Report


India Sustainability and Corporate Responsibility Report


Indonesia Sustainability and Corporate Responsibility Report


Voices from China

preview APA CR Report Su

“My name is Su Qianyao and I have been involved in the Yangjiang Special School Project  that Cargill  launched  to help physically challenged children. Of the various caring activities introduced by Cargill, I have particularly liked the program that made my dream come true. It all began when we were asked to write down what we wished for on a card. I wrote ‘dancing on a big stage and performing for people’. I couldn’t believe how lucky I was when I received an invitation from the CEO of Cargill, David MacLellan, to come to Shanghai to perform at Cargill’s 150th anniversary celebrations! Before long, I was on a big stage, dancing before hundreds of people. And today, owing to my unremitting efforts, I have been elected to the Guangdong Disabled Art Troupe as a professional dancer! My dream did come true!”

Su Qianyao
Cargill Yang Qi Yangjiang Special Education School Project

preview APA CR Report Deng

“I am Deng Surong and among the challenges I faced in my life is the one when in my 20s (over 40 years ago), I had a car accident and owing to improper treatment, ended up with a debilitating limp. Many years later, I had to take on the responsibility of caring for my grandson, which was hard on my meager income. I was looking therefore to augment the income from four sows (that were  old and could not produce piglets) and egg-laying chickens. It was at this time that I became part of a project by Cargill, where I received 100 broiler chicks that got me started”.

Deng Surong
Qingshen Sustainable Livelihoods project

preview APA CR Report Zhang

“I am Zhang Danian, Head of the village committee, Yu Tang village and I would like to talk about the tree-planting project launched by Cargill, where it has planted tens of thousands of trees in our village. The project has greatly improved  the green cover in the local community. Moreover, the trees donated and planted by Cargill will also bring economic benefits for the future, enabling us to plant more trees. Therefore, this is also a great project in terms of sustainability, thanks to Cargill volunteers who have been involved in the tree planting activity”.

Zhang Danian
Cargill Tree Planting Project, Anhui Province

Voices from India

preview APA CR Report Gangamma

“My name is Gangamma, and I am 50-years-old. I am a diabetic and have been experiencing giddiness and numbness in my legs for the last 15 years. Concerned about the lack of medical facilities near my village Gowdanapalya, I was glad to hear about the Medical Health Van visiting my village, that was enabling people to consult with doctors, have their diseases investigated and receive treatment. The doctors advised me on how I could keep my blood sugar levels under check and put me on a treatment to deal with my diabetes”.

Integrated Community Development Program Dodabbalapur, Karnataka

preview APA CR Report Pushpa

“I am Pushpa, a resident of Bhanuvalli village, and I live in a joint family of 13 members. Until two years ago, I was accustomed to purchasing low quality, yet expensive vegetables from the local market or Davangere city regularly, until a person involved in Project Saathi, talked to me about growing vegetables in my own backyard. I was excited to hear about the kitchen gardens project initiated in my village, that helped my 400 square feet garden to transform into a lush, abundant piece of land, with nutritious, fresh, and organically grown palak, amaranthus, coriander, dill, okra, beans, radish and gourd”.

Project Saathi, Davangere, Karnataka

preview APA CR Report Kenchappa

“I am Kenchappa of Nandigavi village in Karnataka’s Davanagere district. Hampered by unscientific and expensive use of fertilizers, I was relieved when my village was visited by a team of agri-scientists, specialists and a field extension officer. These experts taught me about the importance of adopting good agricultural practices and  running  farming as a business. I learnt about deploying best soil, water and fodder treatments and judiciously using fertilizers.

As a result of this learning, I have reduced up to 45 percent of input costs on fertilizers, bio-fertilizers and sprays. My crop productivity has increased by 13 percent. Today, I earn over INR 1,00,000 from cultivating paddy in eight acres of land in one season.”

Project Saathi, Davangere, Karnataka

Voices from Indonesia

preview APA CR Report Ellyn

“I am Ellyn and I study in the Ngerong Elementary school. For many years, I began my day with breakfast at home that was prepared by my mother. Since resources were limited, my family would give me IDR 5,000 to buy food at school, but that amount was not sufficient for anything except unhealthy junk food. This was my daily routine until a new school  program gave me a chance to receive delicious and nutritious breakfast three times a week for an entire year! The food was prepared freshly by the parents of students. Besides keeping me healthy, the program taught me to adopt a hygienic lifestyle by washing my hands and maintaining personal cleanliness. Owing to the high quality food I ate, I am feeling much healthier as compared to the previous year. I have also been able to save the IDR 5,000 and use it for other purposes”.

Cargill-WFP project

preview APA CR Report Kusno

“I am 48-year-old Kusno, a goat and vegetable farmer in the forest area. Facing the challenge of forest fires set off by hunters that destroyed newly planted trees during the drought, and wild pigs, monkeys and hedgehogs, I decided to participate in a tree plantation exercise initiated by Cargill. As compensation, Cargill gave me two goats of good breed to improve my livelihood. I now have seven goats and can sell young goats every four months, which helps me pay for the education of my children. I now remove the weeds in the planted areas— which I use to feed my goats—ensuring that the trees grow well”.

Sorini Project

preview APA CR Report Faiz

“I am Faiz Rizki Maarif from Manis Mata village in Kalimantan, Indonesia and I study in the YHMDC school. I wake up every day before the sun rises, pray, wash up, have breakfast and ride to school in my father’s car.  Once the morning bell sounds in school, I enter the classroom with my friends, greet the teacher and take my seat. I enjoy studying science, mathematics, Bahasa Indonesian, English, and farming and often, after school, join in the extracurricular activities such as the science club. I have also been to Jakarta twice to participate in science competitions with my school. My dream is to be a scientist because I want to invent things that are useful and become famous like other inventors”.

Faiz Rizki Maarif
Cargill’s YHMDC school student