Helping families grow a sustainable surplus in Indonesia

Smallholder farmers at Cargill’s PT Hindoli palm oil plantation are growing crops sustainably – and earning additional income

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Helping families grow a sustainable surplus in Indonesia.

A Recipe for Sustainability in Brazil

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A Recipe for Sustainability in Brazil.

Farming for the Future in Honduras

How a Cargill and CARE partnership is helping Honduran farmers improve upon a difficult past

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Farming for the Future in Honduras.

Food Chain Reaction crisis simulation ends with global carbon tax

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India puts new focus on food safety

Cargill is supporting an industry-led effort to educate consumers and street food vendors on safe handling practices

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India food safety.

In 4 Charts: The Past, Present and Future of Food Security

On World Food Day, we offer a long-term view on the global trends shaping how we eat.
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world food day.

With cocoa as your medium, a masterpiece awaits

Artfully attain tailor-made colour and flavour using Cargill’s high impact Gerkens® cocoa powders
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gerkens cocoa.

Cargill kicks off 150th anniversary year

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Cargill Worldwide

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Explore Cargill locations.

Cargill in New Zealand

thr-thumb-70x70-new-zealandCargill established an office in New Zealand in January 2009 to handle the import, sales and marketing, storage and distribution of protein meal, grains and edible oils. In addition to its Auckland office, Cargill has storage facilities for meal and oil in Tauranga and Timaru. Learn more about Cargill in New Zealand