Cargill kicks off 150th anniversary year

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Supporting sustainable brewing

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Supporting sustainable brewing.

The chicken and the egg

Find out what comes first in nutrition for poultry

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The chicken and the egg.

One potato, two potato, three potato, more!

A bagging machine from Cargill is enabling food bank Second Harvest Heartland to rescue surplus produce for hungry families.

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One potato, two potato, three potato, more.

Tortillas for a year


From Illinois to Honduras, corn donation feeds 600 orphaned kids

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Tortillas for a year.

Imparting know-how to Africa’s small food processors

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Imparting know-how to Africa’s small food processors.

Breaking the ice with Dr. Scott

Cargill scientist dispels myths about road salt

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Breaking the ice with Dr. Scott.

Deep respect for deep roots

Old trees find new homes in Punjab, India

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Cargill Worldwide

Learn more about our locations and operations.

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Explore Cargill locations.

Cargill in New Zealand

thr-thumb-70x70-new-zealandCargill established an office in New Zealand in January 2009 to handle the import, sales and marketing, storage and distribution of protein meal, grains and edible oils. In addition to its Auckland office, Cargill has storage facilities for meal and oil in Tauranga and Timaru. Learn more about Cargill in New Zealand