Million trees

Cargill takes part in campaign to enrich environment


Learn about Cargill’s role in Gurgaon, india's `million trees’ campaign.


June 2012 – Years before all the high-rise office towers (including Cargill’s) were built in the Gurgaon district of Haryana, India; it was a small town with abundant greenery and rich bio-diversity. As the city grew, much of the green cover vanished and gave way to waste dump yards and to quarry stone. In subsequent years, Gurgaon emerged as the hub of many multinational companies and residence for over a million population with several high rise towers in steel and glass. The trees and greenery of Gurgaon became the victim of this rapid urbanization.

Today, responsible citizens and corporate have come together to regenerate several such patches and bring back the natural bio-diversity. One such site is the Bio-diversity Park where Cargill’s employees have planted and pledged to maintain the growth of 2500 trees in over 3 hectares.

Bringing back the lungs within the city

Called the `Million Trees’ campaign, it began with three courageous women demonstrating their concern over Gurgaon’s lack of bio-diversity. “Gurgaon has lost most of its green cover,” said Latika Gujral, Founder Member of the campaign which works under the banner of the NGO, ‘IAMGurgaon’. “We are trying to bring back the lungs within the city.”  Special trees and shrubs are sourced from across the country for the park. The trees and shrubs are of the variety that if maintained for the initial three years can survive on their own with minimal care and water.

Million trees employee volunteers.
During a two-day tree-planting event, Cargill employees from three offices in Gurgaon turned out and planted trees.

Cargill is supporting the effort with corporate funding and employee volunteering. Siraj Chaudhry, Chairman, Cargill India said,  "We are committed to give back to the community where we operate. On our 25th anniversary, we decided to enrich the environment around us. What better way than to plant trees together as responsible citizens. It serves the purpose of offsetting carbon emission as well as foster employee volunteering.”

During a two-day tree-planting event, 80 percent of employees from three offices in Gurgaon turned out and the planted trees are maintained through Cargill’s contributions.

Cargill India

Cargill India helps to nourish the people and possibilities that reside in local communities through programs that improve nutrition, health, environment, education and livelihoods. Cargill also partners with established, credible global, national and local organizations to help make a difference to the lives and livelihoods of some of India’s most vulnerable.