Third Party Remote Video Auditing

Another tool in food safety

Our customers rely on us for quality and our ability to safeguard the wholesomeness and integrity of the products we buy, produce and sell. Third-party Remote Video Auditing (RVA) has the promise to offer another tool in our mission of safeguarding the food we produce and sell. By implementing a RVA pilot in our beef processing plants, we continue to elevate the importance of food safety.

The RVA pilot will take place at two beef processing plants across North America. Third-party auditors, Arrowsight, Inc., will conduct the pilot. ADT Security Services will install and provide the video equipment.

Excel beef boxes.The RVA pilot is in addition to floor observations and internal camera auditing already being done in the beef processing plants. One of the goals of the RVA pilot is to assess how the three monitoring systems fit together. Assessing and understanding the monitoring systems allows us to continue to build a better food safety system.

RVA and food safety

The RVA pilot involves Arrowsight, Inc., auditors remotely observing our beef processing plants on a regular basis and transmitting their findings to plant management. RVA allows the auditors to share near real-time data and video of performance on food safety methods and constructive statistical feedback with plant management.

Auditors will observe the harvesting stage where workers clean and sanitize their knives and other pieces of equipment. Dressing procedures, where proper techniques are critical in reducing the potential for E.coli and Salmonella contamination, will also be remotely audited.

“The major objective of RVA is to design a ground-breaking program that can further reduce the E.coli and Salmonella contamination," says Dr. Angie Siemens, Cargill vice president for Technical Services – Food Safety and Quality. “RVA holds the promise to help us toward achieving global food systems that are more transparent in order to enhance public health outcomes.”

RVA and our partners

The RVA food safety pilot is a natural extension of our RVA program that remotely audits animal welfare practices at ten North American beef plants.

"The early results with our animal welfare program were positive and we have been able to enhance an already impressive operational performance" says Dr. Mike Siemens, Cargill Leader – Animal Welfare and Husbandry.

Cargill partnered with Arrowsight, Inc. and ADT Security Services for the animal welfare rollout and implementation. The partnership will continue for the food safety pilot.

"We are pleased that Cargill has elected to extend the RVA program into these important food safety applications," says Adam Aronson, Chief Executive Officer of Arrowsight, Inc.

Arrowsight, Inc. a web-based Application Services Provider, has helped improve practices, compliance and employee morale in safety-sensitive industries, such as food manufacturing, food services, and health care.

ADT Security Services is the world’s largest electronic security provider. ADT's total security solutions include intrusion, fire protection, video services, access control, critical condition monitoring, and integrated systems.

Food safety and Cargill

We are committed to achieving high standards in food safety leadership. We develop partnerships with government and non-governmental organizations in an effort to improve our food safety systems.