Cargill’s commitment to corporate responsibility

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When Cargill began in 1865, our business was founded on the belief that “our word is our bond.” Today, as a diversified global company still grounded in a culture of trust and respect, this remains the standard by which we do business. We operate with integrity and accountability. We are committed to feeding the world in a responsible way; reducing our environmental impact; and improving the communities where we live and work. We are passionate about our goal to be the global leader in nourishing people and operating responsibly across the agricultural, food, industrial and financial markets we serve.

Nourishing people

Our world faces complex challenges.  The breadth and scope of our business gives us an unparalleled view – and with that broad perspective comes responsibility. We are committed to nourishing the world’s growing population while protecting the planet. We continue to find new ways to help farmers produce more food more sustainably and to develop more efficient methods of moving food from times and places of surplus to times and places of deficit. We know that with the talents and conviction of our employees, we can help meet the challenge of ensuring all people have access to safe, nutritious and affordable food.

Operating responsibly

We focus on meeting today’s needs without impairing the world’s capacity to serve future generations. Cargill’s responsibility extends beyond our own operations to the suppliers, partners and other stakeholders in our supply chains. A responsible supply chain respects people and human rights; produces safe and wholesome food; treats animals humanely; promotes the best, most responsible agricultural practices; and reduces environmental impact, including protecting the land and conserving scarce resources. Achieving this will require collaboration with all stakeholders across developed and emerging markets. We strive to demonstrate measurable progress against the supply chain issues that we can control and those we can influence.   

Following our Guiding Principles

Adhering to high standards of business conduct has been important to Cargill since our founding in 1865. We are governed by a Code of Conduct, which is grounded by our Guiding Principles. The Principles are ingrained in our culture and serve as the foundation for the behaviors expected from all our employees in all parts of the world. Our seven Guiding Principles:

  1. We obey the law.
  2. We conduct our business with integrity.
  3. We keep accurate and honest records.
  4. We honor our business obligations.
  5. We treat people with dignity and respect.
  6. We protect Cargill’s information, assets and interests.
  7. We are committed to being a responsible global citizen.

We know our ability to grow as a company depends on the way we treat people, how we enrich our communities and how well we serve our customers.  Through the efforts of our employees, Cargill will grow profitably and grow responsibly to meet the needs of a diverse, expanding and interconnected world. 

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