Who will feed the world in the future?

With growing populations, shifting diets and changing demographics, the resilience of the world’s farmers will be a critical component in producing enough food in the years to come.


Empowering Women in Zambia

Women farmers represent nearly half of Africa’s agricultural workers, and are critical to developing the full agricultural potential of the continent. Find out how Cargill is helping women farmers in Zambia to raise their livelihoods.


Helping Microenterprises Flourish

When 13 single mothers in San Pedro Sula, Honduras’ second-largest city, wanted to start a tortillaria, they got some help getting their business off the ground from Cargill and CARE.


Improving Yields in Honduras

Meet Jose Fausto Diaz, a smallholder farmer in Honduras looking to feed his family and earn an income. Thanks to Cargill’s partnership with CARE in the country, farmers like Jose are getting valuable training to raise their productivity.


Training Poultry Producers in Best Practices

As Indonesia’s economy develops, people are consuming more animal protein, including poultry. But the sector suffers from low productivity. See how Cargill is helping student entrepreneurs in Java learn best practices in bird feeding and care.


Nourishing Schoolchildren in Central America

Cargill and CARE are partnering with schools in San Pedro Sula, Honduras, to help young students learn more about nutrition and gain access to healthful food. See first-hand the difference this program is making in the kids’ physical and mental growth.


Making a Positive Impact

Expectations for how a company operates are changing. Learn more about Cargill’s role as a responsible corporate citizen.

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Raising Cocoa Farmers’ Livelihoods

In Indonesia, cocoa farming is the principle income for hundreds of thousands of families. Equipping them with better agricultural practices means higher incomes for them and their families, and a more sustainable future for the cocoa sector.


Enriching Our Communities

Cargill’s employees around the globe contribute their passions to helping strengthen the communities where they live and work.

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Working to Feed the World

How will we feed a growing world using the fewest amount of resources? Find out more about Cargill’s view.

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Corporate Responsibility at Cargill

Get an overview of Cargill’s corporate responsibility activities and the difference they are making in the world.


Operating Responsible Supply Chains

What goes into creating reliable and trusted supply chains? Learn what expertise Cargill has to offer.

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