SafeLane® surface overlay for increased safety, ice prevention and infrastructure protection

Safety is a top concern for winter maintenance operations. Infrastructure longevity is another. With SafeLane® surface overlay’s anti-icing properties, you get safer roads, bridges and pedestrian walkways during hazardous winter conditions as well as long-lasting surfaces that help protect infrastructure from damaging chemical corrosion. 

Naturally reactive anti-icing. Safer winter surfaces for drivers and pedestrians. 

A patented, epoxy-aggregate pavement surface, SafeLane® surface overlay provides anti-icing capability through naturally reactive deicer release. The aggregate in the overlay stores deicing and anti-icing chemicals, such as brine, and releases when needed, helping prevent slippery conditions such as frost, black ice and snow pack formations. This process in turn, enhances driving and pedestrian safety. 

Corrosion protection. Infrastructure longevity. 

SafeLane® surface overlay provides infrastructure protection from the damage that can be caused by water intrusions and other common contaminates. The epoxy seals the pavement, creating a durable bond with the aggregate that helps prevent damaging water and chemicals from permeating the infrastructure. 

Increased driver and pedestrian safety. Year-round traction. 

SafeLane® surface overlay’s anti-icing, anti-skid properties help create safer roads and walkways by preventing frost and ice formation before it begins. Providing superior friction, the durable epoxy-aggregate overlay additionally withstands the harshness of vehicular, foot and bike traffic, while providing year-round traction in all weather conditions. 

Safer Roadways. Friendlier on the Environment. 

SafeLane® surface overlay is a unique, patented epoxy-aggregate pavement surface that stores anti-icing and deicing chemicals for longer periods of time during and after snowstorms, and then releases them when needed. With better-targeted applications the amount of chemicals used is greatly reduced, resulting in less run-off into surrounding vegetation. 

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