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Cargill Road Safety

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We are more than just a road salt supplier. Our innovative deicing and anti-icing solutions help protect the public from slicked roadways and walking surfaces as the snow and snow plows start to emerge for the season. From traditional deicing salt to treated salt, liquids and brine makers, even anti-icing pavement solutions - we have the ice melt products you need to help achieve your business goals when winter brings its heaviest snows.

We strive to be a winter road maintenance solution supplier that our customers depend on to deliver cost effective, environmentally conscious, high performing deicing and anti-icing products. We understand the importance of keeping winter roads safe and how it cannot come at the expense of the environment. Cargill provides customers with ice melt, deicing and anti-icing solutions that save lives, enhance commerce and reduce environmental impact.

Brine makers

Accurate, efficient, cost-effective - brine at the touch of a button


Market leader in superior bulk deicing products


Rock salt isn't the only snow and ice fighter

Ask Dr. Scott

Answers to your deicing questions from an industry expert


Preventing Ice and Snow Pack Formations

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Mission Statement

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Protect lives and enhance commerce by providing sustainable road safety solutions.