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Anova® warm mix additive

Cargill is paving the way towards more sustainable asphalt

Cargill, the leader within the asphalt additives industry, is focused on enhancing more sustainable asphalt, reducing greenhouse gas emissions, and improving overall safety for the communities we live in and travel through. Anova® warm mix additive is a non-hazardous, bio-based additive designed to easily improve quality and performance, reduce cost and result in longer lasting roads. It allows production temperatures up to 80°F or 50°C lower than conventional Hot Mix Asphalt without compromising performance.

Discover Anova® warm mix additive:
Anova® WMA video Case study on WMA Technical paper on WMA Infographic on GHG reduction Anova® WMA brochure

Anova® warm mix additive Video

Is your business focused on bio-based chemistries for more sustainable solutions? Cargill is a leader in the asphalt industry and delivers sustainably enhanced rejuvenators, warm mix additives, cold mix additives, anti-stripping agents and more.

Watch this video to learn more about how Anova® warm mix additive reduces energy, plant emissions, fuel usage and overall cost.

Case Study: Cold Climate Counties Find Success with Warm Mix Additive

Two MN counties wanted to reduce energy consumption, work with a bio-based additive, reduce premature aging and deliver environmental benefits all while maintaining consistent high performance: Anova® WMA is the solution.

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Chemical Warm Mix Additives: Compaction without Plasticization

This paper reviews the typical impact, process, and specifying practice for use of chemical warm mix additives.


How Anova® warm mix additive Helps to Lower GHG Reduction

Mixing asphalt at a lower temperature has incredible implications for making the world more sustainable by reducing greenhouse gases. Check out our infographic to see the data on Anova® warm mix additive.

Anova® warm mix additive Brochure

Lower costs and a safer work environment. Anova® gets you there.


Frequently Asked Questions

How can I implement Anova® warm mix additive in my asphalt mix?

The Anova® warm mix additive can either be pre-blended into the binder at a terminal or other primary source of bitumen, or injected into the bitumen at the asphalt plant. At the plant injection is carried out with additive pumps. For drum plants the point of injection is usually inline into the bitumen pipe prior to reaching the drum. In a batch plant it is recommended the additive is injected into the binder weight pot in a manner that allows some comixing with the bitumen. The needs of every facility may be unique. Please contact your local Cargill representative to access consultation on best implementation practices for your specific needs.

Do I need to change my quality control, laydown, and compaction process when using WMA?

General best practices for handling, storage, laydown and compaction of Hot Mix Asphalt will generally also apply for Warm Mix Asphalt. As with any new mix, it is recommended that the paving crew monitor and adjust rolling patters and frequency as needed to optimally achieve target densities. Local specifications should be consulted, as modification to lab aging and other protocols may be required when production temperatures are reduced.

How do warm mix additives Contribute to reducing Green House Gas emissions?

The Anova® warm mix can help reduce the asphalt plant's energy needs and fuel consumption through reducing production temperatures, this in turn can lead to an overall decrease in GHG contribution.

Does the Anova® warm mix additive change the grade properties of bitumen or Polymer-modified asphalt?

When used at the recommended dosages, the Anova® warm mix additive will typically not result in a change in bitumen standard grade for either unmodified or modified binders.


Discover the bio-based chemistries designed to enhance sustainability with Anova® rejuvenators, warm mix additives, cold mix additives, rheology modifiers, and anti-stripping agents. All are easy to implement solutions that can be customized to enhance your specific projects.

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