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Roll dried starches and cold water swelling starches

Roll-dried and Cold Water Swelling Starches

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CWS (cold water swelling) is a special line of functional starches produced by spray-cooking technology. In this processes, the starches are cooked uniformly with minimum shearing and damages by heat.

These starches provide high performance, additional convenience, superior dispersibility and ideal flexibility in processing. They are highly versatile, recommended for cold manufacturing processes (moderate to severe) in which there is need for fast hydration, high tolerance to the process, excellent texture and a long shelf-life.


  • Instant desserts
  • Instant food powders
  • Instant pie fillings
  • Instant sauces
  • Extruded snacks
  • Spices and seasonings
Roll-dried Starches   Cold water swelling starches  
Brandnames used in US
Brandnames used in EU
Brandnames used in US
Brandnames used in EU
Cargill Tex-Instant™


HiForm A™
C*HiForm A™



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