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Cargill and ONE join forces to lift women and girls out of poverty 

New partnership focuses on gender equality in developing countries

July 17, 2018

Cargill is building on its commitment to gender equality with a new global partnership with The ONE Campaign aimed at helping lift women and girls out of poverty.

The partnership, aligned with ONE’s Poverty is Sexist campaign, will share stories of girls and women who are fighting for change in their communities. The goal is to educate and inspire the public, Cargill employees and ONE’s network of nine million activists around the world.

Cargill is committing $2 million over the next two years to help ensure that girls and women living in extreme poverty are not left out of the conversation on gender inequality, and to begin to break down the barriers that disproportionately hold them back.

For Cargill, which has long supported initiatives to improve women’s livelihoods ranging from women’s entrepreneurship to market access for farmers to gender parity in the workplace, the partnership is a natural fit.

“Empowering women is essential to strengthening families, communities and society as a whole,“ shared Dave MacLennan, Cargill Chairman and chief executive officer. “While the need for progress is universal, it is most urgent in developing countries, many of  which are highly dependent on agriculture.”

When women have access to opportunities to participate economically, productivity increases, household incomes rise, children have better access to education and communities thrive.

Cargill’s support for women’s empowerment is in line with its commitment to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, which include gender equality, eliminating poverty and strengthening partnerships.

“Poverty is sexist and it’s in the interest of all of us to ensure women and girls are educated, employed, and empowered,” said Gayle Smith, the chief executive officer of The ONE Campaign. “This exciting partnership with Cargill moves us one step closer to achieving that shared, worthwhile goal.”