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Protein innovation: Cargill invests in cultured protein

January 24, 2020

With a world where the population expected to grow to 9 billion by 2050, the demand for protein is rising. Cargill is investing and innovating broadly across our global supply chain – in animal and alternative protein.

To date, our investments in cultured protein include 2017 and 2020 investments in Memphis Meats, a U.S.-based leader in cultured protein products. In 2019 we also invested in Aleph Farms, an Israel-based cell-cultured protein company focused on growing complex meat varieties like steak.

This complements investments in plant-based protein like PURIS, North America’s largest producer of pea protein. We also make specialty sweeteners and texturizers for plant-based dairy alternatives.  

“Our strategy is to invest in all forms of protein,” said Brian Sikes who leads Cargill’s global protein businesses. “Our cell-cultured protein and plant-based investments will continue to complement the $1.5 billion we have invested in animal protein over the last three years. Keeping all options on the table will help feed people and deliver great-tasting protein for our customers.”