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Empowering Cocoa Growing Communities in West Africa

Our Shared Journey

Cargill is part of an important network in West Africa – a network of people focused on people – dedicated to improving well-being every day, on the ground, in cocoa-growing communities. Together, we’re tackling the tough, intertwined, systemic conditions that stand in the way of prosperity and success.

Cargill is digging in and working arm-in-arm with the people of West Africa to achieve the most essential, meaningful and sustainable change possible.

We work with our partners to empower women and provide resources in order for them to advance economically. We help address the root causes that lead to poverty through income diversification and better access to education. We support community development. And we trace and track progress on all these fronts for everyone who benefits from cocoa production and cares as deeply as we do.

Our people, partnerships and collective efforts with West African cocoa communities strive to create hope, vitality and security and instill trust for our global cocoa customers.



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