Cargill Ocean Transportation

Delivering ocean freight solutions across the globe

Cargill Ocean Transportation is a leader in chartering, trading, logistics, operations and risk management of ocean freight solutions. We are committed to safety, high quality and risk management solutions that ensure our customers cargoes arrive safely, on time and in good condition.

Our global coverage across all major oceans allows us to develop customer-oriented solutions that focus on connecting commerce across a wide variety of commodities.

Along with Cargill’s global commodity expertise and insight in agriculture, energy, industrial and mineral industries, Cargill Ocean Transportation is able to provide complementary trade flows, logistics supply chain expertise and financial stability.

We provide commodity and market expertise, physical freight, risk management services and custom solutions and ship vetting.

Our solutions include:

  • Coverage across all major ocean routes
  • Range of vessel sizes from coasters to capesize and tankers
  • Flexible financial pricing solutions
  • Logistics supply chain expertise
  • A high quality fleet
  • Financial stability