ClearLane® enhanced deicer. 

Keeping 750 paved lane miles clear in harsh winter weather.

What do road maintenance employees do when faced with 750 paved lane miles to keep clear in harsh winter weather conditions? One county maintenance supervisor chose to use our ClearLane® enhanced deicer – 12,000 tons of it. 

Before trying ClearLane® enhanced deicer, the maintenance supervisor found himself and his county at a crossroads when their previous winter road routine was just not enough to keep the county’s 750 lane miles cleared. Then they tried ClearLane® enhanced deicer and found it worked faster, longer and more effectively, minimizing their struggle to keep roads safe. The results have been so positive, that the county has used the deicer for over eight years. 

Developing a cost-effective solution to winter road maintenance 

Sean Riley, Cargill Deicing Technology marketing manager said, “We developed ClearLane® enhanced deicer as a more cost-effective solution to winter road maintenance. We’ve found that when our customers use the deicer, they can reduce repeat applications and the equipment corrosion and clumping problems typically found with traditional deicing salt.” 

Car on Clearlane roadRiley also noted, “ClearLane® enhanced deicer requires no pre-mixing or applying a separate pre-wetting solution. And, our customers appreciate that the deicer has a decreased environmental impact due to fewer applications, less scatter and a more environmentally-friendly corrosion inhibitor. Plus, maintenance workers and motorists alike appreciate its green tint so they can tell where it’s been applied.” 

Cargill Deicing Technology 

Cargill Deicing Technology provides customers with deicing solutions that save lives and enhance commerce. For more information about ClearLane® enhanced deicer, visit the Cargill Deicing web site.