Clean, safe tap water

Cargill co-funds geo-investigation for water for the village of Krugliki, Russia


Learn how Cargill co-funded a geo-investigation, deep drilling tests and piping arrangements to bring safe, clean drinking water to the village of Krugliki, Russia.


From 2006 to late 2012, villagers in Krugliki relied on delivery trucks like this one to get fresh drinking water.

November 2012 – In the village of Krugliki, Russia, near the town of Efremov, the population of 800 has access to clean, safe drinking water – something they haven’t had since 2006. The water was banned in 2006 when a sanitary inspection showed that the local water was not fit for consumption. Since then, around 500 local villagers, most of them farmers, have had to carry buckets of clean water to their homes from a truck that delivered water to the village. 

A deeper layer of clean water had to be discovered and connected to a newly constructed pipeline.

In order to solve the problem, a deeper layer of clean water had to be discovered and connected to a newly constructed pipeline. The municipality spent several years searching for a new water source, but was unsuccessful and near to running out of resources to fund the project.

Supporting essential community requests

It was then that the local municipality and a partner organization, Agro Service, came to Cargill to request financial support to co-finance new geo-investigations, deep drilling tests and piping arrangements. Cargill, which employs nearly 1,100 people in nearby Efremov, has since provided US$120,000 in funding to support the project, and employees have been working closely to monitor and provide assistance when needed.

The village head of Krugliki, Nina A. Popova (left), thanking Igor Maltsev for the work Cargill has done to bring clean drinking water to the village.

“This project is a great example of how Cargill can make a relevant contribution in the region by supporting essential community requests. We are proud to be able to support this project and see the great difference it will make in the lives of those who will benefit from it,” said Igor Maltsev, Investment and GR Manager of Cargill Foods Russia, as well as chair of the Cargill Cares Council in Efremov.

Clean, safe tap water

The project headed down the homestretch in 2011, when tests confirmed good quality drinkable water in the newly drilled well. And as of late 2012, villagers now have access to that new source of clean, safe tap water.

“Clean water is a basic human need and can make a real difference on the wellbeing of the local community,” said Anna Bairamova, chief editor of the local newspaper Zarya Efremov. “The importance of Cargill’s support over the last few years is absolutely evident and will make a positive change to the village of Krugliki. We are proud to have such a responsible company operating in the community.”

Longstanding commitments

In Efremov, Cargill has a long history of supporting the community. The company has helped refurbish orphanages, local schools and playgrounds, and also managed the complete renovation of the regional children’s hospital.

In the last two years, Cargill has invested more than US$600,000 on community projects in Efremov, including expanding and refurbishing a local kindergarten and ensuring a weekly supply of milk products to 300 schoolchildren from low-income families.