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Questions About Deicing? Ask Dr. Scott.

With over 20 years of research experience with deicers, Dr. Scott is ready to answer your most pressing questions about winter maintenance.

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Brine maker family expands.

Make up to 800 gallons per batch with our AccuBatch® brine maker.

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Stay ahead of the storm.

Create a successful winter maintenance program with our anti-icing and deicers.

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More environmentally-friendly solutions.

ClearLane® enhanced deicer is recognized by the U.S. EPA as a Design for the Environment (DfE) product.

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Commitment to innovation.

Our scientists are dedicated to developing and improving our vast array of deicing solutions.

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Bulk deicing salt

Bulk Salt - Pile SmallA highly efficient deicer. Rock salt is a cost effective and reliable product for melting snow and ice on roadways, highways, parking lots, and bridges.

ClearLane® enhanced deiced

CLED Scatter SmallMore effective deicing, safer for the environment. ClearLane® enhanced deicer for effective winter road maintenance.

SafeLane® surface overlay

SL Road SmallAnother winter maintenance solution.SafeLane® surface overlay prevents snow and ice from adhering to the surface with its anti-icing capabilities.