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MiApp - Market Intelligence App


Access to valuable information in a powerful new app

MiApp is a mobile application designed to provide you with continuous visibility on global commodity prices that directly impact the cost of your food ingredients as well as access to breaking industry news and Cargill’s market intelligence.

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MiApp from Cargill MiApp from Cargill


Real-time access at your fingertips

MiApp will be deployed across regions and will provide users with:

  • Detailed market commentary from Cargill’s risk management professionals
  • Continuous visibility into edible oil cash market offer prices
  • 10-minute delayed commodity futures prices from the world’s leading exchanges
  • On demand historical data and charts of edible oil reference markets
  • Customized price alerts to help you stay on top of market volatility
  • Breaking industry news via pop up alerts on your device’s home screen
  • The latest Cargill announcements via cloud enabled live data feed
  • Benchmarks of your own views with the broader group of participants

Minimize uncertainty and maximize opportunity with confidence

Minimize RiskAt Cargill, we know where there is risk, there is also an opportunity to be proactive instead of reactive.

MiApp is the latest feature within Cargill’s Price Risk Solutions portfolio designed to provide you with 24/7 visibility into relevant market data and insights. In the right hands, risk isn’t a four-letter word. It’s an opportunity to make smarter decisions that can yield better results and separate you from the competition.

MiApp is a benefit to sourcing your food ingredients from Cargill, providing more convenience, the ability to stay informed and to benchmark your market expectations with other users.

Frequently Asked Questions about MiApp

Q: What is MiApp?

A: The market intelligence app (MiApp) is the latest feature in Cargill’s Price Risk Solutions portfolio, designed to enable timely visibility into relevant market data and insights. This app is designed to provide our current food ingredient and food service customers (initially those sourcing edible oils from Cargill) with the benefit of continuous visibility on global commodity prices, access to breaking industry news and Cargill’s market intelligence.

Q: What is the purpose of this App?

A: MiApp provides the latest edible oil cash market offer prices and 10-minute delayed commodity futures prices, as well as the latest Cargill market news and ability to participate in surveys. The app consists of three features: risk management, market news and customer insights. The initial launch will provide content with an emphasis on edible oil markets. Over time, the content will expand to include other ingredients that you may currently source from Cargill. We will also enhance the features, capabilities and functionality of MiApp based on direct user feedback and requests via periodic updates pushed out to the app, much like you currently experience with other apps on your mobile device.

Q: How do I get it and how much does it cost?

A: Visit the Apple store or Google Play and download Cargill MiApp on your mobile device and refer to your Cargill Account Manager for instructions and to receive your login credentials. Cargill MiApp is available for download at no additional cost for Cargill customers.

Q: How is privacy ensured?

A: Data collected from users on MiApp is only used for Cargill analytical internal purposes. This data will not be shared externally with any third parties.

Q: My question is not answered in this list

A: Please check the extensive FAQ in the MiApp or contact your Cargill Account Manager directly. You can also use the Contact Us link on this page.