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Cargill donates to Coronavirus efforts

May 24, 2020

Cargill’s ethanol team supports increased sanitizer demand

(25 May 2020) The battle against COVID-19 has prompted a steep rise in demand for disinfectants globally. As a leading supplier of ethanol, Cargill teams have been working around the clock to supply this critical ingredient. Where possible – and in close collaboration with our largest ethanol customers – we’ve worked to free up additional volumes to address the exploding demand for disinfectant applications.

In April, we introduced a new technical grade ethanol (Cargill 66405). Our Bergen op Zoom plant team quickly implemented process improvements that enabled us to supply this new ethanol grade. However, we could not have freed up ethanol volumes for this effort without the understanding and cooperation of our valued customer Vitol.

We’ve also partnered with an external toll manufacturer to boost production of pharmaceutical grade ethanol. With this added capacity, we rolled out Cargill 65202, which meets European Pharmacopoeia standards and is suited for hand sanitizer formulations that must comply with the highest safety standards.

While COVID-19 has presented unprecedented challenges to our industry, we are working hard to maximize our plant output and offer these additional ethanol grades.

In partnership with Unilever, Cargill donates 10,000 bars of soap to cocoa farmers

(May 27, 2020) In partnership with Unilever, 10,000 bars of soap have been delivered to farmer organizations in the Ivory Coast. We have also distributed soaps and hand towels to 30,000 cocoa farmers in Ghana. We are further sensitizing farmers on hand washing protocols, by displaying educational COVID-19 posters at buying stations frequented by farmers in Ghana and have set up 316 “veronica buckets” there. These buckets have a tap fixed at the bottom and a bowl at the bottom to collect wastewater, and serve as a simple way to encourage proper hand washing using flowing water.

Cargill Cocoa & Chocolate has been actively engaging in a number of community response efforts to support our partners at this time.

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Rice donation in Madagascar

(May 15, 2020) Cargill has donated 50,000 kg of rice to support its red seaweed producers in the Southwest of Madagascar. Rice is the key staple food for remote coastal communities in Madagascar and with this donation Cargill is supporting them under the COVID-19 restrictions. The donation is part of its $35 million commitment to global COVID-19 relief and recovery through partnerships, product donations and employee personal giving. Cargill is working with its local supplier in Madagascar, Ocean Farmers, who distributed the 50,000 kg of rice to over 1,600 red seaweed producers and vulnerable households in the seaweed production villages. While this marks their first joint food-relief effort, Cargill and Ocean Farmers are partners in solving regional challenges associated with the production of red seaweed.

In 2019, together they launched Cargill’s Red Seaweed Promise™ initiative which helps enhance producer livelihoods while ensuring a long-term, sustainable supply of red seaweed.

Cargill Redon donates alcohol for disinfecting hand gel in France

(May 12, 2020) Employees at Cargill’s Redon plant came together to produce 1,000 liters to follow suit with a donation to local hospitals, public schools, the fire brigade and other organizations in need.

Making this happen took  team effort and a preparation of about a month before production could begin. “We worked very closely with a number of local regulatory bodies, which enabled us to obtain the authorizations necessary to begin production and put us in touch with other manufacturers who also joined this great initiative,” said Noël Della Vittoria, Cargill Redon’s Managing Director.

“Our hospitals, doctors, and our civil protection services are on the front line 24/7 battling COVID-19. We felt an obligation to step up and support them as best we could,” he added.

This action complements donations made by Cargill France to the French Federation of Food Banks (FFBA). This included 58,000 liters of oil to local food banks and a €90,000 donation to support other FFBA actions.

Hand Sanitizer Donation in Minneapolis-St. Paul

(April 30, 2020) After discovering a substantial need for hand sanitizer in the Minneapolis/St. Paul communities, the Cargill Commercial Excellence team in North America decided to act.

With the help of our partners Univar Solutions, J. Carver Distillery, Norseman Distillery, and the Minnesota Assistance Council for Veterans, the team quickly sourced, packaged and distributed more than 8,000 containers of hand sanitizer across the Twin Cities.

More than 3,000 containers were delivered to the Minneapolis Children’s Hospital, with the remaining bottles delivered to 34 first responder and law enforcement facilities.

“We’re living our Cargill values of putting people first and doing the right thing,” said Patrick Rogers, vice president of Commercial Excellence for Cargill Food Ingredients.

Bakery donation in Turkey

(April 27, 2020) Cargill, via its Turya─č brand, has donated 250 metric tonnes of  bakery fats to 5000 artisan bakeries in Turkey, aimed at supporting their businesses through the COVID-19 crisis. The COVID-19 pandemic has once again reminded us of the importance of business continuity amongst Turkey’s hidden heroes, which include bakeries, pie shops and other baked goods businesses.

These bakers have suffered a reduction in food service sales, with consumers restricted to takeaway and delivery services. Artisan bakeries are primarily small businesses with limited capital so have been heavily impacted by the severe drop in demand. With this donation, these artisan bakeries are able to continue their everyday business and avoid any interruption of food supply during this pandemic.

Tolga Demirel, Cargill Middle East, Turkey & Africa; “We will never forget the contributions of all devoted employees in the food industry to help our nation overcome the challenges it currently faces. It is of utmost importance that we overcome this period without any disruption to our ability to meet all food needs without letting anyone suffer, and that we act in unity and solidarity as an industry." 

Cargill donates disinfecting alcohol to the Belgian government

(March 31st, 2020) Cargill has donated 100,000 liters of disinfecting alcohol to the Belgian government to produce disinfectant hand gel for the emergency services. The donation contributes to the Civil Defense initiative, which takes care of the coordination of production and distribution. In the short term, this will solve the disinfecting gel shortage of the emergency services (fire brigade, police, emergency centers and the Civil Protection itself). Subsequently, 15,000 liters per day can be supplied.

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Cargill donates disinfecting alcohol to the Dutch government

(March 25th, 2020) Cargill has donated a first batch of 60,000 liters of disinfecting alcohol to the health sector in the Netherlands.  This will be distributed by the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport (VWS) to hospitals and other healthcare institutions in the Netherlands where a shortage has arisen as a result of the COVID-19 crisis.  Niels Maijers, Coordinator National Corona Taskforce on behalf of the WWS "This enables us to ensure the availability of surface disinfection.”

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