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Driven to help our customers succeed, Cargill Food Ingredients sustainably provides agricultural ingredients throughout the world. Cargill delivers market and consumer insights, supply-chain excellence and technical expertise to help food and beverage companies improve nutritional values, manage costs and protect their brands.

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GST helpdesk for bakery customers by GEOS India

Taxing problems, solved. When a tax policy shift affected Cargill customers in India, they found a way to help.

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People-pleasing Pectins

Cargill advancements have improved pectin thickening with reduced sugar.  

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A real “stand-up” solution

When packaging challenges undermined two successful brands of tomato sauces in Brazil, a cross-functional Cargill team developed an innovative packaging solution, reducing costs and environmental impacts while improving performance. 

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Five Trends Shaping the Future of Food

Food is getting personal. A drive toward customized meals is changing how people shop and affecting your business. 


Masters of Texture

Using our technical expertise and consumer insights, we are uniquely positioned to provide food developers with the right texturizing solutions. 

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ViaTech® Sweetener Portfolio

Cheers to sweet perfection!  Cargill's advanced ViaTech® portfolio offers more than 50% calorie reduction with unsurpassed taste.

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Sweetener Myth 1

Can’t afford a sweet solution? Cost is one more sweetener misconception Cargill can help you work through to meet your goals. 


Food forensics: The case of the problem particles

Call in the food detectives. Mysterious particles pose a major problem for a beverage company’s new product launch. 

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Creating opportunities for women across the cocoa value chain

Cargill’s Cocoa Promise includes specific initiatives for women’s economic empowerment. 


PHO Alternatives

With the 2018 U.S. deadline to eliminate partially hydrogenated oils, tap Cargill’s expertise for solutions.

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SimPure™ functional native starch portfolio

Starches have gone native — with full functionality. Cargill’s SimPure™ doesn’t compromise taste or texture. 


Food Ingredients Europe

Join us at Food Ingredients Europe in Frankfurt to learn how Cargill can fuel sustainable growth – turning challenges into opportunities.

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