Leading the pack

Cargill leads the packaged deicing industry in melting ingredient transparency

January 2011 – Cargill is leading the packaged deicing industry to a higher standard of transparency with improvements in disclosure regarding its melting ingredients.

Ice melters – when applied to sidewalks, driveways and parking lots – increase safety by reducing the chance of slipping and falling. We believe that buyers can make better buying decisions when it comes to ice melters if they have information on minimum ice melt temperatures, melting ingredients and their capabilities.

Transparency in ice melter ingredients 

The packaged deicing industry does not require ingredient listings. At Cargill, we opted to disclose the name and percentage inclusion of each melting ingredient on our deicer packaging.

Bob O’Connell, assistant marketing manager for Cargill’s salt business, notes, “Without disclosure, performance claims can’t easily be evaluated and verified. This may leave buyers making purchase decisions based on variations of ingredient percentages, which may not yield the expected results.”

The new packaging became available in 2010 and will continue to be introduced in 2011.

Ice melt at work

Ice melters work by lowering water’s freezing point. The faster and colder ice dissolves, the better the ice melter.  If the freezing point is below the outside temperature, ice melts. Our goal is to provide melting temperature information so buyers can better understand the outcome of the ice melt they use.

Ice melter information on packaging, and online

Cargil. Ice melt. Cargill is providing ice melter information as part of an initiative to help promote safety, best practices, and improved experiences in the use of packaged ice melters. “We hope this raises the bar in the industry and encourages other manufacturers to disclose what’s in their ice melter packages,” O’Connell said.  We’ve also invited other ice melter competitors to participate in similar disclosure, and to suggest ways to verify content ingredients and percentages for the good of the customers, users and our industry.

Learn more about health and safety risks, storage and handling of ice melter products, and even stain ratings and best practices for protecting pets when using ice melt online, at our diamondcrystalsalt.com website.