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Balancing earning with learning

"School in the Plant" offers chance to complete education.

Growing stevia responsibly

Cargill’s Truvia® natural sweetener takes a forward-thinking approach to stevia production.

Soy grows in Egypt

Cargill helps introduce soybean farming to the Nile Delta.

Bringing back cocoa in Southern Bahia, Brazil

Cargill participates in efforts to increase cocoa production; project shows positive early results

In classrooms, not fields

Supporting CARE to help keep nearly 60,000 children in school...

Making coffee better

With the help of Cargill Process Optimizers, instant coffee is even more efficient.

Leading the pack

Cargill leads the packaged deicing industry in melting ingredient transparency.

Building schools

Cargill's ambitious school-building effort fits with one of the strongest beliefs of the people of Vietnam.

Fertile ground

Cargill collaborates with WWF on sustainable production solutions


Increasing cocoa farmers’ incomes while producing sustainable cocoa.

Carbon credit initiative

Cargill supports fist-of-its-kind project designed to preserve the Amazon rainforest.

Helping farmers in China save water

Following a major drought, Cargill is working with farmers to perfect irrigation methods.


Powering a plant with an environmentally friendly source of energy.

Fighting global poverty

Cargill and CARE partner to strengthen rural communities.

ClearLane® enhanced deicer

Keeping 750 paved lane miles clear in harsh winter weather.

The Golden Key Plan

Cargill China launches the Golden Key Plan, a program to help improve farmers’ income.

One Man, One Tree

Cargill joins Indonesia's national greening movement One Man, One Tree.

More to Share®

Working with customers and local charities to help fight hunger.


The first farmer co-operatives in Côte d'Ivoire certified under the UTZ CERTIFIED cocoa sustainability program delivered their first certified sustainable cocoa beans.

Artisan tradition meets world-class technology

Cargill partners with 50,000 Spanish olive farmers to bring quality Spanish olive oil to a global market.

Waste not

Cargill partners with communities to turn waste into energy.

From cocoa farm to classroom

CARE reports positive changes through its Cargill-supported Rural Education Project in Ghana.

Malcolm Baldrige³

By focusing on customers and workplace safety, Cargill businesses earned the Malcolm Baldrige Award three times in one decade.

Innovation train

How Cargill moved 400,000 bushels of corn 1,300 miles and reinvented an industry.

Honestly sweet™

Now a natural sweetener with great taste and zero calories. Truvia™.

Coal, diesel or sawdust? 

Using sawdust to create steam, a new "bioboiler" is generating multiple benefits.

Cultivating sustainable palm oil.

A Cargill oil palm plantation is certified "sustainable." The company's first.

Help for cocoa farmers.

Cargill joins with Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to launch $40 million program to help cocoa farmers in Africa.

All hands on deck.

Some of the biggest names in the cruise industry look to Cargill for food and service they can’t find elsewhere.

Growing deep roots.

While expanding our tapioca business in Thailand, Cargill is constructing homes, building libraries and teaching English.