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Low 3-MCPD

Low 3-MCPDE & GE Oil Blends

Cargill vegetable oil solutions for early life nutrition in Europe

3-MCPDE (3-monochloro-propanediol esters) and GE (glycidyl esters) are substances that can be found in refined oils and fats. Their formation during the refining process is stimulated by heat. High temperatures are applied during the process in order to achieve desired quality and safety specifications.

Meeting our customers needs

Cargill provides vegetable oil solutions and customer-specific blends with consistent low levels of 3-MCPDE and GE. Based on dedicated, robust and reliable processes, our infant vegetable oil solutions support our customers in:

  • providing the best alternative product to mother's milk,

  • being beyond reproach on food safety for infant food,

  • being compliant with current legislation and anticipating future legislation for infant nutrition in Europe.

Cargill's vegetable oil solutions for early life nutrition are produced in our dedicated European facilities in Izegem (Belgium), Botlek (Netherlands) and Reus (Spain) and guarantee 3-MCPDE and GE levels 30% below the current and expected legal requirements.

Our main ingredient: TRUST

Trust is indeed the most important ingredient, certainly when it comes to infant nutrition. Cargill has invested in extensive research and development programs to enable the removal of 3-MCPDE & GE from oils that are intended for use in early life nutrition products. Our vegetable oil solutions ensure a high-security approach on 3-MCPDE & GE components in refined oils and fats, supported by Cargill’s extensive research and development expertise.


InfaNutra Oil Blends - Infant Nutrition

Low 3-MCPDE & GE oil solutions are part of our InfaNutra® range.

Our InfaNutra® infant grade oils, blends and associated services are especially designed to ensure development and delivery of oil compositions best fitting infant formula producers’ requirements. The products are tailor made based on desired fatty acid composition, botanical preferences and supply chain needs.

When working with InfaNutra® oils, customers also receive Cargill’s expert services to help them navigate commodity markets, risk management, raw material sourcing, nutritional, application and regulatory developments. In this way, our customers can fully benefit from Cargill’s expertise to help achieve their business goals.

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