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Vital wheat gluten is the insoluble protein fraction of wheat flour. It stands apart from other plant proteins due to its unique visco-elastic properties

Gluvital® vital wheat gluten is most commonly used in pasta, bakery and flour milling, but is also well suited for snacks and cereals.

Key characteristics include:

  • Good source of energy (4kcal/g)
  • Highly digestible
  • Robust protein content (Protein (Nx5.7) on dry basis: 75% min.)
  • Visco-elastic
  • Film forming
  • Network forming
  • Good water-holding capacity
  • Improves mixing tolerance
Protein Gluvital

Gluvital® vital wheat gluten provide consistency in flour, improved dough machinability and extended shelf life for finished products. It is commonly used in bread and pasta, but also works well in snacks and cereals.

Applications and Benefits


Gluvital® vital wheat gluten is produced through a simple series of steps, which include mechanical milling and sifting, water hydration and drying.


vital wheat gluten production process


Gluvital® vital wheat gluten may be labeled as vital wheat gluten, wheat gluten or wheat protein.


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