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Plant proteins

Cargill plant protein solutions satisfy consumers' hunger for protein-enriched foods and beverages

Cargill plant protein solutions satisfy consumers' hunger for protein-enriched foods and beverages, with delicious flavor and label-friendly appeal that keeps them coming back for more.

Functional benefits

Satisfying and nourishing, protein's functional benefits are being leveraged in virtually all major food and beverage categories. For consumers, plant proteins represent a healthy, wholesome way to enhance their diets. They offer other critical functional properties as well – contributing to texture, machinability, shelf life and more – making them a valuable addition to product formulas.

Label-friendly, plant-based

For decades, Cargill plant proteins have helped formulators achieve consumer-pleasing taste and mouthfeel, with enhanced nutritional profiles. In today’s marketplace, these familiar, plant-based ingredients also appeal to consumers seeking more label-friendly food options.

  • Competitive cost-in-use
  • Robust protein content
  • Compatible with vegetarian/vegan diets

Nutritional benefits

Proteins are often referred to as the building blocks of life. Composed of amino acids, these components are credited with creating muscle mass.

Proteins also help immune systems stay strong, support bone health, promote satiety and even contribute to a healthy metabolism. With all these benefits, it is no surprise consumers want to add protein to their diet, and manufacturers want to include them in their recipes.

As an added attraction, in the EU, three health claims* can be considered for proteins**:

  • Protein contributes to the maintenance of normal bones
  • Protein contributes to growth in muscle mass
  • Protein contributes to the maintenance of muscle mass

Our offer


These affordable, plant-sourced proteins provide functional and nutritional benefits and can be easily incorporated into a wide variety of food applications thanks to their neutral flavor profile. Cargill’s offer includes:


Vital wheat gluten is the insoluble protein fraction of wheat flour. It stands apart from other plant proteins due to its unique visco-elastic properties.



Prowliz® hydrolyzed wheat protein is produced to consistently meet high food quality standards. It provides an affordable solution for protein enrichment in a variety of food and beverage applications.


Sustainably sourced corn and wheat

Cereal Sweeteners Sustainably-sourced corn and wheat

We work towards the creation of a more sustainable crop supply for our ingredients, including wheat.

Lecithins in Bakery

Cargill Lecithins in Bakery

Next to our proteins, we also offer high quality lecithin solutions that are suitable for bakery, as well as other applications.

Plant-based Protein White Paper

Seeding Innovation Whitepaper

Plant-based products are rising to a whole new level of consumer interest and popularity, while prompting key strides in new product development.

* Commission Regulation (EU) No 432/2012 of 16 May 2012 establishing a list of permitted health claims made on foods.

** These claims may be used only for food which is at least a source of protein as referred to in the claim SOURCE OF PROTEIN as listed in the Annex to Regulation (EC) No 1924/2006.


Some Cargill products are only approved for use in certain geographies, end uses, and/or at certain usage levels. It is the customer's responsibility to determine, for a particular geography, that (i) the Cargill product, its use and usage levels, (ii) the customer's product and its use, and (iii) any claims made about the customer's product, all comply with applicable laws and regulations.