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Gerkens® AM70 cocoa powder

The recognizable fruity and tropical

flavors of Ivory Coast

Transport your consumers to the tropical depths of Ivory Coast

Gerkens® AM70 is our medium reddish-brown cocoa powder from Ivory Coast. Its delightful and recognizable flavor and versatility in applications make it the perfect solution for your end-products to stand out.

Gerkens Cocoa Powder - AM70 - Tropique  

Try the fruity and tropical flavors

Gerkens® AM70 has a nice chocolatey and mild taste. At the same time, it brings forward the recognizable fruity and tropical flavors of Ivory Coast. AM70 encompasses several flavors that are currently trending amongst cocoa and chocolate consumers.

When you think of tropical fruits, sour berries and raisins, you think of AM70!

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Gerkens Cocoa Powder - AM70 - Single Origin  

Explore single origin cocoa

Gerkens® AM70 responds to the growing market trend of provenance and a desire for traceability. An ingredient’s back story is often more important than the ingredient itself.

With a unique flavor profile determined by the soil, the climate and farmer know-how in Ivory Coast, AM70 has a very rich story to tell.

At Cargill we are investing over $100 million to expand our cocoa processing site in Ivory Coast. This investment will create 85 full-time local jobs and hundreds of indirect jobs.

As part of our long history in sustainability efforts, over the next three years we are working to further expand sustainability and supply chain traceability programs in the country. The programs will enhance the safety and well-being of children and families in cocoa farming areas and provide a more transparent, traceable cocoa supply chain for customers and consumers.

The sustainability and supply chain investments in Ivory Coast are taking place as part of the Cargill Cocoa Promise: the company’s corporate commitment to improving the lives of cocoa farmers and their communities.

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Gerkens Cocoa Powder - AM70 - Versatility  

Discover the versatility in applications

Do you need a nice chocolatey flavor with recognizable fruity tones for your application? Whether it is confectionery, bakery, beverages or even dairy, the most sensitive from a sensory perspective, AM70 has the ability to suit your application and elevate the taste profile of your end-product.


Our dedicated and knowledgeable Gerkens Cocoa Engineers are looking forward to discussing with you how AM70 and Gerkens’ expertise can help you put smiles on your consumers’ faces.

N.B. Samples are limited to food manufacturers based in EMEA (countries listed above), who purchase a minimum of 50 metric tons of cocoa powder annually from any supplier.

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