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Sugar Reduction in Chocolate:

Why It Matters and How You Can Achieve It

Our offer:

• A case-by-case approach to develop the ideal blend of sugar replacers for your chocolate products and applications

• Equipment and capabilities to produce your customized recipe

• Deep understanding of market developments and consumer trends

• Consultancy on how you can win consumers and shoppers with sugar reduction claims

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Health is a consumer megatrend. 47% of Europeans try to eat healthier and views chocolate as a guilty pleasure and every second consumer is looking for healthier chocolate options. With sugar as the number one avoided ingredient in food items, the demand for sugar-reduced chocolate products and applications is on the rise. In fact, 54% of consumers are willing to pay more for sugar-reduced chocolate. Clearly, many producers of chocolate products are recognizing this trend: the market for sugar-reduced confectionery is still small, but already growing at twice the rate of general chocolate confectionery.

Find Your Sweet Spot with the Cargill Chocolate Engineers

We believe there is no one-size-fits-all solution to sugar reduction. Finding the right blend of ingredients requires expertise, technical experience and the right equipment. The Cargill Chocolate Engineers use their in-depth ingredient expertise and sensory knowledge to work closely with you to co-create the perfect customized sugar-reduced blend for your products and applications. We have also expanded our Belgian Production Facilities to be able to produce chocolates with a wide spectrum of sugar replacer blends.

To get in touch with our chocolate engineers or to discuss your requirements in more depth, please contact us >>