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The Snack Oil Authority

Whether bringing a new food concept to market or looking to revitalize an existing product, Cargill has the operational expertise, insights, supply network and broad portfolio to help you thrive.


Better Oils Make for Better Snacks




Your partner for oils solutions that drives better snacks

High Oleic Oil

Cargill’s Clear Valley® high oleic oils offer high stability, clean flavor, longer shelf life, and superior performance.


Frying Oils

Oils and shortenings developed to stand up to the harsh conditions of frying while enhancing the flavor, crispiness, appearance and mouth-feel of your fried snacks.


Cooking Oils

Portfolio of oils that can be used for snack frying, roasting,  baking, and spray oils.


Organic & Non-GMO Oils

Reliable Supply. Reliable Performance. Meeting consumer demand for organic and non-GMO ingredients.


All-Purpose Shortening

All-purpose shortenings allow for exceptional mouthfeel, lubricity, texture, and structure for a variety of snack applications.


Snack time: A taste of things to come

Snack Time - Snacks White Paper - bulk food oils supplier

A look at recent snacking trends and the role of oil ingredients. Learn more in our white paper.

Edible Oils

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With our vast portfolio of oils and shortenings, you can be sure to find one that meets your needs.

Innovation Center

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Collaborate directly with Cargill food and ingredient research experts with deep technical expertise.


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