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Edible Oils

One look at our portfolio and you will see, we have edible fats and oils to meet your every need.

Flexible options, vast experience

Our extensive portfolio of edible oils, deep level of consumer insight and decades of experience with food product formulation can help you produce successful, high-quality food products that meet the needs of today’s demanding consumers.


Palmagility Macaroons

The Future of Oils® is here. A superior-performing, easy-to-use palm shortening that stands up to your most challenging baking demands.

Regalâ„¢ Bakery Shortenings

White frosted cake

Our high-performing Regal™ shortenings reflect our commitment to baking innovations. From icing products with no hydrogenated oils to all-purpose shortening with exceptional versatility, we help keep your bakery products looking good and tasting great.

Innovation Center

People in lab coats

Collaborate directly with Cargill food and ingredient research experts with deep technical expertise.