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Bake confidently with PalmAgility™

The Future of Oils™ is here. A superior-performing, easy-to-use palm shortening that stands up to your most challenging baking demands.

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Introducing an innovation in bakery shortenings. Smoother and creamier than other palm oil shortenings, PalmAgility™ bakery shortenings are easy to work with, delivering strong performance over a wider temperature range. For greater peace of mind across your creations—from pies and donuts to cookies and cakes—count on PalmAgility™ products.


PalmAgility™ 204 All-Purpose Shortening

An all-around high performing bakery product, this shortening works well in a variety of applications including cookies, pies, cakes, etc. The smooth, creamy texture of this shortening may improve mix time and incorporation of ingredients.

PalmAgility™ 204 Filling Fat Shortening

This shortening is specially formulated for crème fillings for sandwich cookies. The smooth, creamy texture of this shortening will contribute to an indulgent experience. 

PalmAgility™ 213 and PalmAgility™ 217 Donut Fry Shortenings

These donut fry shortenings offer a faster set up on the donut surface and reduced oil weeping over 24 hours compared to standard palm-based donut fry shortenings. These performance attributes can contribute to the visual appeal of your donuts. 

PalmAgility™ Shortenings

Palmagility Macaroons

Learn about the features and benefits of PalmAgility™ shortening products with a focus on ease of use.


Regal™ Bakery Shortenings

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Our high-performing Regal™ shortenings reflect our commitment to baking innovations. From icing products with no hydrogenated oils to all-purpose shortening with exceptional versatility, we help keep your bakery products looking good and tasting great.

Edible Oils

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With our vast portfolio of oils and shortenings, you can be sure to find one that meets your needs.