Headquarters giving

The Cargill Foundation is Cargill’s giving entity in the Twin Cities headquarters community.  In order to qualify for funding, nonprofit organizations and programs must be located in and serve the Twin Cities Metropolitan area. 

The mission of The Cargill Foundation is to prepare the next generation for success in school, work and life. 

Focus areas

The Cargill Foundation supports two key areas:

  • Education for children K-12
  • Early childhood nutrition pre-kindergarten through sixth grade (new)

Education funding supports programs that take place during the school day, typically within the classroom.  The Cargill Foundation is committed to funding programs that close the achievement gap and improve early childhood education. The programs the Foundation supports are often rigorous, curriculum-driven and embedded in the other areas of learning at the school or district levels. 

Currently, the Education grant application process is closed.

Early childhood nutrition

This is a new focus area that the Foundation is currently exploring. Early childhood nutrition sits at the intersection of education and nutrition. The age group focus of the early childhood nutrition pilot is youth pre-kindergarten through sixth grade (ages 2-12).

As a Foundation, it is important that we direct our resources toward programmatic elements that align with Cargill’s broader interests in education and nutrition. View the Early Childhood Nutrition grant guidelines and application process.