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TechBro Flex™

Introducing TechBro Flex™
Dynamic Predictive Software for Broilers

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Do more with your production data.

Broiler production globally is becoming increasingly more competitive. Consumers are seeking healthy, sustainable and humanely-raised poultry products, putting pressure on retail and food service. Traceability, human health, environment and evolving society norms are driving government regulation. Ingredient and meat prices are continuing to fluctuate, causing profit risk that needs to be managed.

These factors are adding cost and uncertainly to your poultry production. It is becoming increasingly more challenging to sustain profits.

We are introducing TechBro Flex™, Cargill’s industry-leading dynamic predictive software for broilers that helps you do more with your production data by offering a choice of strategic scenarios with clear visibility to profit impact. 

TechBro Flex™ creates predictions as dynamic as the challenges you face

TechBro Flex TechBro Flex TechBro Flex
Achieve optimal results
within your production
constraints or set
performance metrics.
Respond quickly when
confronted with sudden
profit disruptors.
Take your business further
by combining nutrition
and optimized production
management variables.


What is TechBro Flex™?

TechBro Flex™ is dynamic predictive software for broilers that helps you do more with your production data.


How does TechBro Flex™ work?

Using your data and production constraints, TechBro Flex™ presents multiple scenarios. It shows the effect of changing variables on your cost of live bird and calculates related margin impact.


Getting Results

Our customers experience on average 3.5% margin improvement after the implementation of TechBro Flex™ recommendation.*


Global Expertise

Cargill Animal Nutrition conducts the latest poultry research in a cross-continental network focused on helping our customers meet the production challenges of today and tomorrow.


Announcing TechBro Flex™

Read our recent press release for more information on TechBro Flex™


TechBro Flex™ Brochure

Download a copy of our TechBro Flex™ brochure.

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*This percentage is based on current Cargill customers using the model and will vary up or down based on the customer's improvement potential and degree of implementation