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We can help you use natural, sustainable ingredients in your materials without compromising on cost or effectiveness.

For the construction industry, producing eco-friendly products is part of doing business today. And as always, quality construction depends on quality materials. Manufacturers are challenged with meeting demands for new, environmentally friendly materials without impacting product functionality, quality and cost.

Our natural, responsibly-sourced vegetable oils, starches and other bio-based products are part of the solution. Using Cargill-produced base materials as a start, our research and development expertise allows us to create materials that help our customers thrive. We’ve developed — and are constantly improving — materials that meet stringent low VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) requirements, bio-based alternatives to formaldehyde binders and resins, and modified linseed oils for hardboard manufacturing.

If you’re looking for a low flammability oil, need to minimize dust in road construction, or are interested in reducing waste and environmental impact during your manufacturing process, we can help. We know how to help you increase the use of natural, sustainable ingredients in your materials in cost-effective ways, without compromising on cost or effectiveness.

Explore our products for construction applications

Agri-Pure™ Biosolvent

Our vegetable oil-derived biosolvent offers excellent cleaning, thinning and solvent properties with fewer health risks than traditional solvents. Availability: Europe


Industrial Soy Flours

Soy flour adhesives are a natural replacement for formaldehyde and phenol-based resins.

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Acme Mortar & Block Admixtures

Cargill’s Acme admixtures deliver a range of performance enhancements to mortar and concrete masonry units (CMUs).

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Oxi-Cure® Low VOC Oils & Coalescing Agents

The Oxi-Cure® product line of esters is specially designed to help our paint and coatings customers achieve low VOC levels in their coating formulations. Products include coalescents and crosslinkers to provide superior film forming and reduced VOC.

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Thanks to its unique rheological properties, scleroglucan is used in the oilfield industry for drilling muds, enhanced oil recovery, spacer fluids and in asphalt emulsions.



Cargill is offering a wide range of native and modified starches. Native starches are used as a carbon source in fermentation processes. In addition starches play a role in stabilizing formulations of fermentation products and they can be used as a carrier for encapsulation or granulation of fermentation products

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Vegetable Oils

Cargill provides the naturally-sourced, renewable vegetable oils that manufacturers need to formulate products that are environmentally friendly and appeal to today’s eco-conscious consumer.

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