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Thanks to its unique rheological properties and its high thermal stability under a range of temperatures and pH environments, the performance of scleroglucan will not drastically change with temperature, salinity and hardness. These characteristics make scleroglucan an ideal solution for the harsh conditions common in drilling, enhanced oil recovery and asphalt emulsion applications.

Scleroglucan’s unique properties

  • High thermal stability
  • High yield value and viscosity
  • Anti-settling properties
  • High shear stability
  • Non-ionic: compatible with salts and surfactants
  • Controls viscosity in a wide pH range


Actigum™ CS 6 Scleroglucan provides a stable viscosity over a wide range of pH between 2.5 and 12 and over a wide range of temperature between 10 and 130° C. It is providing a high resistance on shearing and thickens formulations in extreme conditions. Being compatible with any surfactants, even cationic ones, Actigum CS6 is recommended for the use in construction, paint, home care and detergents.