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Industrial Soy Flours

Regional Availability: North America

Emission of volatile organic compounds and hazardous air pollutants can contribute to a variety of unhealthful conditions. Soy flour adhesives, like Cargill’s Prolia™ soy flour – a co-product that remains after oil is extracted from soybeans – are a natural replacement for formaldehyde and phenol-based resins that have been targeted for removal from wood materials. Research finds that soy flour requires less drying time, uses less water and produces less waste than conventional plywood glues.

Soy flours can be used for

  • Replacing formaldehyde resins in plywood, paneling and particleboard
  • Replacing animal blood-derived proteins

Soy flours offer

  • Excellent water resistance
  • Wide range of binding strengths
  • Faster production at lower cost

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