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Truvia® Stevia Leaf Extract

Truvia® Stevia Leaf Extract

Nestled in the sweet spot between the sugars reduction trend and interest in nature-derived, recognizable ingredients, stevia sweeteners continue to rise in popularity. 

In the early years, stevia sweeteners were derived from low purity steviol glycosides (the sweet tasting components from the stevia leaf), and consequently did not offer a great taste experience. 

Cargill has been a frontrunner in bringing great-tasting stevia solutions to market. Truvia® stevia leaf extract is derived from high purity, potent Rebaudioside A, and provides a sweet, clean taste, without a single calorie.

Sugar Reduction
Enables sugars reduction of 30% or more.

Label friendly
Derived from high purity components of the stevia leaf, Truvia® delivers the recognizable, nature-derived ingredients consumers look for.

Clean, sweet taste
Minimizes the bitterness and licorice notes common at high concentrations.

Cargill manages the quality of Truvia® stevia leaf extract to make it consistent across multiple food systems and usage. This ability to control and predict the profile of the sweetener makes it possible to sweeten foods and beverages and offer a consistent, pleasant, sweet taste.



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Truvia® table top is consolidating its preference among consumers in Europe, especially in key markets such as UK, Spain, Italy and France. That’s because nobody knows more about consumers’ attitudes and behaviors around sweetness like Cargill*. 

The Truvia® brand speaks to consumers’ need for natural origin, zero calorie sweetness. Through co-branding, we can help you target consumer segments and maximize your in-market success.

Cargill’s investment in building marketplace preference for Truvia® stevia leaf extract results in built-in awareness for products carrying the Truvia® logo. Your products will have the ingredients consumers recognize and want.

* Source: Nielsen. Truvia® tabletop is available in France, UK, Spain and Italy.

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