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ViaTech sweeteners

ViaTech® Stevia Leaf Extract

Precision sweetness derived from the stevia leaf

Stevia sweeteners have quickly become the favorite high-intensity sweetener. However, higher usage levels proved challenging – until Cargill harnessed the unique reactions between steviol glycosides, opening the door to new innovation.

Our ViaTech® portfolio of high-performance stevia-based sweeteners brings optimal sweetness to even the most challenging sugar-reduced and no added sugars formulations.


  • Sugar Reduction: Enables sugars reduction of 50% and more, even in challenging applications
  • Label-friendly: Leveraging the best tasting stevio glycosides from the leaf, in optimal combinations, ViaTech® delivers the recognizable, nature-derived ingredient consumers look for
  • Precision sweetness: Cargill’s proprietary model predicts and leverages optimal interactions of steviol glycosides for true, sweet taste

Cargill’s ViaTech® portfolio of ingredients has a true sweet taste and a clean finish. At last, precision sweetness for low-to-zero calorie products. With a sensible cost-in-use and supply, creating sugar-reduced and low-calorie stevia-based sweetened products consumers will love has never been easier.











Dairy & Ice Cream



Fruit processing



Tabletop Sweeteners