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Sustainable Soy

Collaborating to reduce deforestation and improve sustainability across soy supply chains

Cargill has been working to reduce deforestation related to soy production since 2001. We promote sustainable practices to meet the world’s growing demand for soy in food, animal feed and biofuels driven by increasing nutritional needs, changing dietary habits and desire for fossil-fuel alternatives.

Our commitment

As a leading purchaser, processor and transporter of soybeans in major supply chains around the world, Cargill is committed to sustainable soy production, including protection of sensitive environments, reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and promotion of responsible working conditions. We are implementing sustainable soy action plans in Brazil and Paraguay as part of our 2014 pledge to reduce and eventually end deforestation across our entire agricultural supply chain. We do not purchase soy from newly deforested lands.

Our progress

We have been working with farmers, industry partners, communities, governments and NGOs to reduce deforestation and improve the sustainability of soy production for more than 15 years. Through collaboration, we have significantly reduced deforestation – including an 80 percent decline in deforestation in the Amazon biome – and are working to restore forested areas and improve the sustainability of soy production. We work with soy farmers at all levels of production to help them achieve commercial success while growing crops more sustainably.

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Sustainable Soy in Brazil

We have made significant progress and continue strengthening efforts to protect the Amazon and improve soy production.

Sustainable Soy in Paraguay

We have been advancing our sustainable soy program in Paraguay since 2012 to analyze risk and improve practices.

Sustainable Soy in Europe and North America

We partner with customers to meet their expectations for transparency and traceability in our soy supply chain.

Collaboration & Certification

We collaborate with stakeholders across the soy industry to encourage conservation, monitor progress and meet certification requirements.

Empowering Soy Farmers

We work with soy farmers at all levels of production to help them achieve commercial success while growing crops more sustainably.

Our presence

Cargill has a significant presence in soybean supply chains. We buy soy from farmers across major production areas, particularly Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay and the U.S. We process soybeans into a wide variety of food and feed products, as well as biodiesel. We use our logistical capabilities as one of the world’s largest dry bulk shippers to move soybeans and related products from the places they are most efficiently grown to markets where they are consumed. We also use soybean products as renewable substitutes for a range of petroleum-based ingredients in industrial applications, such as foam for furniture and fluid for power transformers.

Cargill Forests Report 2017

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