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Sustainable Soy

Collaborating to end deforestation and improve sustainability across soy supply chains

Cargill has been working to end deforestation related to soy production for more than 20 years. We promote sustainable practices to meet the world’s growing demand for soy in food, animal feed and biofuels driven by increasing nutritional needs, changing dietary habits and desire for fossil-fuel alternatives.

As a leading purchaser, processor and transporter of soybeans in major supply chains around the world, Cargill is committed to sustainable soy production, including protection of native vegetation, reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and promotion of responsible working conditions. Cargill’s role in the soy supply chain comes with significant responsibility, and we are keenly aware of the need to deliver customer solutions in a safe, responsible and sustainable way.

Learn more about how we are working to solve the urgent challenge of protecting forests and native vegetation while supporting soy farmers and their communities:

  • See our Our Policy and Action Plan for details about our commitment and action steps toward a more transparent and sustainable soy supply chain.

  • Find out how we are increasing the Transparency of our South American soy supply chain through mapping, reporting, our SoyaWise™ customer portal and our grievance process.

  • Learn how we are taking Collective Action to advance innovative solutions through collaborative projects and partnerships.

  • Get information about our Deforestation- and Conversion-free Products and certifications.



Learn more

Sustainable Soy Initiatives & Progress

Learn how Cargill is partnering with organizations and farmers on the ground in South America to improve sustainability across the soy supply chain.

Soy Community Partnerships

Learn how Cargill is helping to eliminate deforestation in the soy supply chain by putting the economic viability of farmers and their communities first.

Reporting progress

Twice a year, we report on our progress toward building a sustainable, deforestation-free soy supply chain.