AQUAXCEL® shrimp and fish feeds

Nutrition for shrimp and fish

AQUAXCEL® feeds combines superior nutrition and manufacturing technology to help producers increase profitability. Combining a high concentration of nutrients with modern extrusion technology produces very small, uniform extruded particles that match the needs of the young animal. AQUAXCEL® products are designed to give the best possible start to early stage animals giving better cost-benefit ratios for the producer.

High survival rates

AQUAXCEL® products come in several forms tailored to the needs of individual species and production systems. AQUAXCEL® floating and sinking micro-pellets and micro-meals are easy to consume, improving availability of key nutrients for growth and immune support. This is especially important during the early stages when animals are more susceptible to stress and disease.

AQUAXCEL® feeds help produce healthier shrimp, warm water fish species like tilapia, cold water species such as trout, and marine species like cobia.Growth and muscle development

Muscle tissue deposition in early life stages can have an important impact on later growth. AQUAXCEL® feeds are designed to ensure protein is used to support growth and muscle development through highly available amino acids and precisely balanced energy sources. This results in faster growth that is maintained through the production cycle.

Controlled processes boost cost/benefit ratio

Cargill´s formulation and manufacturing processes are precisely controlled to enhance and preserve the nutrient content of ingredients. Strict manufacturing controls ensure that the nutrients in AQUAXCEL® feeds are highly available to the developing animal, maintain high water stability and reduce nutrient leaching.  This ensures optimum delivery of nutrients for fast growth, which in turn helps producers reduce costs.

AQUAXCEL® feeds are available for shrimp and for warm water fish species like tilapia, cold water species such as trout, and marine species like cobia. AQUAXCEL® products are available in particle sizes of 300, 600, 800 and 1,500 microns.